Carol Lee Carlin
McKees Rocks, PA, Lodge No. 1263
When it comes to raising money for the ENF, Carol Carlin isn’t afraid to try new things. At the recent Grand Lodge convention in Minneapolis, Carol attended the ENF’s “Share Your Ideas” workshop. “It was very worthwhile to talk to other Elks and see what they were doing,” she says. She’s already started implementing some new ideas in her fundraising plan for this year. Among other things, she’s reaching out to local businesses to solicit donations. “This is all new to me, but I’m going to give it a good try,” she explains.

Carol does more than raise money to support the ENF. She volunteers with her local Drug Awareness program and helps out at district and state Hoop Shoot contests. She’s a representative for the VA hospital and enjoys working to see that the veterans in our hospitals aren’t forgotten. Her efforts were recognized in 2003 when she received Pennsylvania’s Veteran Volunteer of the Year award. With all of her other commitments, we’re not sure how Carol manages to do such a great job as ENF Chair, but we’re glad she does!

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