Richard Hart
Manila, PI Lodge No. 761
The motto of Richard Hart’s alma mater, Kings Point, is “Acta Non Verba” or “Deeds or actions without words.” Trying to live his life by this motto motivated Richard to become involved with the Foundation 13 years ago. Since then he’s been very successful at making Foundation giving a priority in his small Lodge. His Lodge has received the Special Recognition Award for the Best Grand Lodge Area for the past 12 years.

Because of his Lodge’s location, Richard faces special challenges when promoting the Foundation. Rather than focus on the Foundation’s youth programs, which don’t benefit many children in the Philippines, his Lodge concentrates their efforts on children with Cerebral Palsy. They run a clinic, offering outpatient therapy and education to about 2,000 patients annually. His Lodge also works with organizations dedicated to the education of street children.

Richard talks about the Foundation in his Lodge’s bi-monthly newsletter and sends personal letters to members 2-3 times per year. He also serves as his Lodge’s Secretary and Chairman of the Trustees. When he’s not busy promoting the Foundation or fulfilling his other Lodge responsibilities, Richard enjoys listening to classical, semi-classical and old-time music.

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