Pat Gindhart and Committee
Greater Wildwood, NJ Lodge 1896
Most ENF Volunteers can tell you it’s more than a one person job. When Pat Gindhart took over as ENF Chair for her Lodge in 2001, she immediately recognized that she would need help. She quickly put together a committee consisting of members she trusted and had worked with before. Marleen Cinque, Phyllis Kane, Dolores McQuilkin and Kathy Varalli soon joined Pat in spreading the word about ENF in their Lodge.

Although their Lodge has a great record of ENF giving, the committee recognized that they needed to do a little bit more than just ask people to make donations. They’ve since held numerous successful ENF fundraisers and are proud of the way they’ve expanded their Lodge’s ENF program. For example, during ENF month they held a Pig Roast which raised over $3,000 for the Foundation. The biggest challenge they face is finding new people to volunteer for ENF fundraisers.

Greater Wildwood Lodge is currently second in the state in the Chairman Challenge. It’s usually tough for larger Lodges to succeed in the Chairman Challenge and Pat credits their success to the committee’s dedication and the support they receive from the Lodge and other officers. “It has been a team effort from the beginning and we are truly blessed because not only are we doing something good for our Lodge and community, but we have a great time together.”

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