Dave McMurrin
Ouray, CO Lodge No. 492 and CO West District
Dave McMurrin joined the Elks 15 years ago, and has been working hard for the Foundation ever since. Frustrated by his Lodge’s giving record, Dave made it a personal goal to improve his Lodge’s ENF standing. Luckily, he stuck around even after his Lodge rose to the top!

Youth programs, particularly scholarships, are the most meaningful part of the Foundation for Dave. He sees the Elks’ dedication to kids as a way to improve their image in the community and he works hard to promote this idea in his own Lodge.

To encourage members of his Lodge to donate this year, Dave reminded them what the ENF has given back to their community. After presenting these figures at a Lodge meeting and including them in the newsletter, he found the donations poured in. He’s not afraid to get creative with his fundraising efforts either. For ENF month he held a “Shave Dave” fundraiser, after growing out his beard for the event.

Since he also serves as his Lodge Secretary and District ENF Chair, the Elks keep Dave pretty busy. When he does have free time, he enjoys pin collecting, NASCAR die cast collecting, fishing and photography.

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