Cathy Engelking
North District, MN
Although Cathy Engelking has only been serving as District ENF Chair for a couple of years, she’s been familiar with the job for years. She worked closely with the previous district Chair, helping him organize records, writing reports, and gathering information from the website. When her predecessor passed away in 2001, Cathy was a natural fit for the job.

Cathy has tackled her responsibilities with enthusiasm, working hard to make sure that each Lodge in her district promotes and supports the Foundation. She is proud of her efforts to keep all her records up to date and accurate, and she finds her biggest challenge is being aggressive enough to make sure every Lodge is doing their part.

The ENF’s scholarship programs are closest to Cathy’s heart. She’s served on her Lodge and district committees for over ten years. “The scholarships give me goose bumps,” Cathy explains. “Several years before I was an Elk I attended the National convention and heard the scholarship winners. I’m still touched by how impressive they were.”

When Cathy is not busy with the Foundation or scholarship committees, she enjoys golfing, walking, and curling. She also finds time to volunteer on several local Chamber of Commerce committees.

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