George Kellerman
Sonora, CA Lodge No. 1587
Before he retired, George Kellerman’s work involved managing foundation and endowment money. After retirement, working for the Elks National Foundation seemed a natural fit for him. “The ENF, where each donation grows in perpetuity, generating a rising stream of income to support our charitable purposes, has great appeal to me.”

Even though he has only been a member of the Elks since May, 2002, George has embraced his role as ENF Volunteer for his Lodge. He was lucky enough to inherit a Lodge with a great record of creating awareness of the ENF and soliciting new donors. Now, he finds his greatest challenge lies in renewing support from donors who have stopped giving.

George tries to bring attention to the ENF in many different ways. Each month he includes articles in his Lodge newsletter, he maintains a new donor board with different colors for different levels, and he is planning a phone or letter campaign to reach those members that might not read the newsletter. For ENF month, the Lodge will host their oldest living donor to the ENF at a Lodge meeting. The donor made his first contribution in 1935!

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