Celebrate ENF Month
October brings cool temperatures, changing leaves and ENF Month! Every year, the ENF takes a deep breath of fall air and looks back on the past year—and last year was a banner year for the Elks National Foundation and its programs.

In April, the Elks hosted a gold-medal Hoop Shoot National Finals to celebrate the golden anniversary of the Hoop Shoot as a national program.

For 50 years, the free-throw contest has been leveling the playing field, taking away the advantages gained by height or speed, and rewarding the kids that return to the basket again and again, even on their worst days. The 2022 Hoop Shoot National Finals were held at Wintrust Arena. A Jumbotron announces the event, and participants sit in chairs on the court. For 50 years, Elks volunteers have been working to make the National Finals special for the contestants who prove that hard work and practice are the keys to success.

To thank those who have made their mark on Hoop Shoot history, the ENF inducted 44 members into the inaugural Elks Hoop Shoot Hall of Fame. The Elks Hoop Shoot Hall of Fame recognizes the most outstanding competitors and contributors: National Finalists who stood out or have gone on to do great things, and volunteers who have put their heart and soul into making the program the best it can be.

As Hoop Shoot volunteers taught life-long lessons to our nation’s youth, other Elk volunteers worked on strengthening their communities in different ways.

Every $1,000 in ENF Community Investments Program Grants puts five Elk volunteers in the field, serving a combined 27 hours. The work done by the Elks increases the value of that $1,000 in grants to $1,760.

After a period of socially distanced service, many Elks returned to in-person grant projects, and the ENF was able to restart the Impact Grant program. Forty-six Lodges across the country received up to $10,000 to start or continue a large-scale charitable initiative in their community, and the Elks hit the ground running.

Bremerton, Wa., Lodge No. 1181 used an Impact Grant to continue its Reading for Readiness program. Located near the coast and two fault lines, Bremerton is at a greater risk of tsunamis and earthquakes, and the Elks wanted to ensure the kids in their community were ready for the worst. While encouraging a love of reading, the Lodge taught about disaster preparedness and social-emotional skills by reading to kids in their community and providing them with books to take home.

Listen to Bremerton’s Exalted Ruler Heather Beal and Lodge member Gus Holstein tell you more about the project here:

A Community Force

This year, the ENF allocated $15.7 million to Lodge CIP grants, an amount that was only possible thanks to the generosity of the Elks. Last year, for the first time ever, Elks donated more than $10 per member, giving more than $7 million to the ENF. Last year was only the second time every state association reached the National President’s per-member-giving goal.

Past National President John F. Malley created the ENF with a vision and an initial $100,000 grant. In 1928, he dreamt that the ENF would be a “temple of philanthropy” that would “unite the forces of the Order into a mighty army for the service of humankind.”

We are certainly making Malley’s dream a reality. Thanks to your generosity, the ENF can give back even more, and Elks can use those resources to keep building stronger communities.

That’s why we are taking the time to celebrate the dedicated Elks who make our mission possible. Take a bow and give yourself a pat on the back—the ENF is celebrating YOU!

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