A Year Like No Other
Elk volunteer holds up a sign reading 'You Are The Best.'

When the 2020-21 fiscal year opened on April 1, 2020, we were all in a place of uncertainty. States were shutting down, leaving Elks Lodges shuttered. We didn’t know what to expect, from how long we would be sheltering in place to when, or if, Elks volunteers could put our programs into action in their communities.

In a year like no other, you showed us incredible resiliency. The Elks and the ENF are built on the values of charity, justice, fidelity and community. Those tenets made our work in the middle of a crisis possible.

Elks stepped up, Zoomed in, and came together from a distance to build stronger communities. When neighbors needed Elks more than ever, they were there. Elks showed that no matter what, they always care.

In the end, Elks raised $5,941,825.37 for the ENF. That’s right—in an incredibly difficult fundraising environment, you raised nearly $6 million for ENF programs.

Once again, Elks blew the National President’s per-member-giving goal out of the water. GER Paul Ryan set the goal at $4.80, and Elks donated $7.727 per member. Forty-six state associations reached the per-member-giving goal last year.

Thank you for supporting us in a year like no other. It means the world to us.

A 501(c)(3) public charity, the Elks National Foundation helps Elks build stronger communities through programs that support youth, serve veterans and meet needs in areas where Elks live and work. For more information on the ENF, visit elks.org/enf.

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