A Pair of Generous Hearts
When R.A. and Margy Pickett were married, they dealt with plenty of paperwork needed to start their new life together. Through the barrage of papers, files and exciting new adventures, one item they were sure to mark off their list was a will.

"It was important to us to lay out what goes where," R.A. says. "This will limit government interference in our personal wishes."

Since then, the Picketts joined Santa Monica, Calif., Lodge No. 906 and began donating to the Elks National Foundation. Though the Picketts appreciate all the Foundation’s work, two of the programs are particularly dear to their hearts: veterans service and scholarships.

The Picketts' generous hearts led them to include the ENF in their will, and they joined the ENF's John F. Malley Society, a recognition program for donors who've planned a gift to the ENF.

"We joined the Malley Society because we want to leave a legacy behind for future kids to enjoy a healthier America," R.A. explains. "We want veterans to remember that they are not forgotten."

As R.A. described, preparing your will now ensures that your personal wishes will be carried out after you are gone. Without a will, the state will decide how your assets are distributed. Since joining the Malley Society in 2006, the Picketts have encouraged many members of their Lodge to support the ENF, both through regular donations and planned gifts. To R.A., talking to fellow members is the best way to ask.

“Find a program that is the most meaningful to you or to the person with whom you are chatting,” R.A. says. “Let them see the importance of continuing that program through the ENF with their help after they’ve gone to that ‘Happy Elks Lodge in the Sky.’”

Knowing that there are other members like him who have planned gifts to the Foundation to secure the future of the ENF gives R.A. a sense of happiness. “I’m so happy to know that there are more people leaving the Foundation something to help our nation’s heroes and children of tomorrow,” R.A. says.

Designated gifts to the Foundation make an immediate impact on the communities the ENF serves, and planned gifts help ensure the sustained future of those programs. When drafting your will, please consider including the Elks National Foundation.

"Remember the reason you joined the Elks," R.A. suggests. "That should be sufficient enough reason to include the ENF in your estate plans."

Leave your legacy. For additional information about ENF planned giving, please visit ENFPlannedGiving.org. To discuss planning a gift to the Elks National Foundation, please contact Kate Keating Edsey at KateE@elks.org or 773/755-4866.

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