Norman Gervais
Rochester, NH Lodge No. 1393
Having served as ENF Chairperson for his Lodge for more than 20 years, Norm Gervais knows what it takes to keep members committed to the Foundation. When Norm first took on the position of ENF Chairperson in 1981, his Lodge’s per capita was $0.89. He quickly turned things around, and since then his Lodge has consistently met the GER’s goal.

Norm feels that the most important aspect of his role as an ENF Volunteer is to educate the membership about the work of the Foundation. He states, “If the members have this knowledge in their heart, they will donate from the heart.” In order to reach all members of his Lodge, Norm attends every Lodge meeting, Indoctrination, and Initiation.

Every October, Norm runs a raffle at Lodge meetings to raise money for the Foundation. However, he finds that the most successful method of raising money is to talk to the new candidates at Indoctrination. He introduces the candidates to the ENF, and explains what the Foundation does for their community. Almost every time, all the candidates donate to the Foundation.

Norm doesn’t limit himself to promoting the ENF at his own Lodge. He takes every opportunity to speak about the Foundation, often speaking at State meetings and District Deputy clinics.

Norm also serves as his Lodge’s Ritual Coach, leading his team to win first place in the State Ritual Contest for the past 8 years. Because of his dedication to the Elks and his Lodge, his Lodge has named his “Elk of the Year” twice.

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