David Cioe’s Echo in Eternity

Before General Maximus leads his army into battle in Gladiator, he reminds them, “What we do in life, echoes in eternity.” Now that David Cioe is a member of the John F. Malley Society, he wants others to remember Maximus’ words as well.

“There is no easier way to know that your efforts and your donation will be everlasting,” Cioe says.

Cioe has been an Elk for more than 40 years, continuously supporting the ENF as a monthly recurring donor in the ENF Fidelity Club and was the ENF Fundraising Chair for his State of Rhode Island. He’s currently the State President and also a member of the Grand Lodge Committee. By being so involved in the ENF, Cioe has seen where donors’ dollars go and what programs are doing to help veterans, children and community members.

“I have seen the wonderful things that can happen when funding through grants is received and used,” Cioe says. “It’s nice to see 100 percent of your efforts go directly to the needs of the community and know you’re making a difference.”

Cioe is especially invested in the East Bay Cares Impact Grant project through Bristol County, R.I., Lodge No. 1860. Elks, volunteers and community members work year-round to provide local pantries with food. This type of dedication motivated Cioe to take his philanthropy to the next level. He joined the John F. Malley Society, a program that recognizes individuals who plan gifts to the Foundation, for two reasons:

1. He believes in the programs the ENF supports, and he loves knowing that his donation will go toward supporting those programs in the future.
2. He knows that when he is gone, he will continue supporting the ENF.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that you can support the ENF’s causes forever,” Cioe says.

Cioe believes that first and foremost, life is all about helping others. In addition to developing the friendships he has made with Elks throughout the years, he’s also glad he has met people who feel the same way he does about benevolence; people who work together to support worthwhile charitable causes in any way they can.

“I’m proud to be a part of an organization that does so much for our communities,” Cioe says, “helping children, serving veterans, offering scholarship, and so much more. I believe in the ENF and what it does through every program, and I will always want to be a part of it.”

Leave your legacy. For additional information about ENF planned giving, please visit ENFPlannedGiving.org. To discuss planning a gift to the Elks National Foundation, please contact Kate Keating Edsey at KateE@elks.org or 773/755-4866.

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