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Leave it to Christine Robinson, a senior associate in the Elks National Foundation’s department of communications, to have a few questions for you:

  • Are you inspired by the work the Elks National Foundation does?
  • Are you interested in being part of a giving program that helps Elks build stronger communities?
  • Do you want to donate with ease?
  • Do you want to work toward an annual donation amount?

If your answer to any of these is “yes,” then Robinson says a monthly donation makes sense, and that’s what you get when you join the ENF Fidelity Club.

“Donating via a recurring gift is an easy way to support the Foundation because the donation is deducted automatically,” Robinson says. “Plus, I love my Fidelity Club pin with its century attachment!”

Robinson supports the ENF because she sees the impact its programs have on the Elks communities it serves. Aside from the Elks and volunteers who are directly involved with ENF projects, Robinson is one of the first to know about all the great works Elks are doing. Then, she helps bring those stories to life, like stories from the scholars who attended the 150 for 150 Service and Celebration Weekend during the Elks National Convention in July 2018.

“It's incredible to see scholars like Keoni Bailey who have received scholarships from the Foundation and then worked to build relationships with their scholar network through our scholarship engagement efforts,” Robinson says. Watch Keoni Bailey and other scholars from the 150 for 150 Service and Celebration Weekend share their stories in this short film.

Robinson is excited to continue sharing these stories, putting a spotlight on these scholars, and helping to build stronger communities.

Give to the ENF with ease. Donors who join the ENF Fidelity Club, the ENF’s monthly giving program, have their names listed on our website and receive a special pin. To learn more about participating in the Fidelity Club, please visit

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