Hard work and practice pay off, but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s some advice from the real pros—former Hoop Shoot national finalists.

Practice, Practice, Practice

“I prepare myself by going to the basketball court after school to put in time. I shoot about 50 free throws in a row.”
BJ Burries, 2014 National Champion and Getty Powell Award Winner

“I shoot from 9 different spots on the floor and compete in a free throw competition against my dad.”
Zocko Littleton, 2014 National Finalist

“I try to practice every day, get good sleep, and eat healthy.”
Marlee Kochman, 2014 National Finalist

Never Give Up

“Keep practicing and have confidence in yourself, but most of all have fun doing it”
Maggie Smith, 2014 National Finalist

“Be determined and learn to focus.”
Addi Wedin, 2012 National Champion

“If you miss a shot, try and forget about it.”
Tara Bieniewicz, 2012 National Champion

Keep Your Cool

“Calmly prepare and have a positive mind set.”
Grace Thomas, 2014 National Finalist

“I try and block everything out around me and focus on making the shot.”
Hannah Pfeifer, 2014 National Finalist

Believe in Yourself

“Practice and never give up.”
Elizabeth McConkie, 2014 National Finalist

"Keep trying! There are plenty of years that you can participate in the hoop shoot- six to be exact. That means if you don't win one year, then you can just try again the next year! But to win, you need to put a lot of time and effort into practicing for it, have a positive attitude and NEVER give up!"
Alexa Eaton, 2014 National Finalist

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