Hard work and practice pay off, but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s some advice from the real pros—former Hoop Shoot national finalists.

Get Motivated.

“My motivation was shooting for a school mate and friend with cancer. I raised more than $6,000 in pledges!”
Lauren Thompson, 2012 National Finalist

“I set a goal and then tried to achieve it.”
Zach Mackimmie, 2012 National Finalist

Practice, Practice, Practice.

“I shot 200-300 free throws per day,”
Taylor Robertson, 2012 National Champion and Getty Powell Award Winner

“I used the same routine every time I practiced.”
Jalen Lampman, 2012 National Champion

“I went to basketball practice 45 minutes early or stayed 45 minutes late to shoot free throws.”
Joseph Girard III, 2012 National Champion and Getty Powell Award Winner

Never Give up.

“You just have to keep going.”
Larsen Henken, 2012 National Finalist

“Be determined and learn to focus.”
Addi Wedin, 2012 National Champion

“If you miss a shot, try and forget about it.”
Tara Bieniewicz, 2012 National Champion

Keep Your Cool.

“Have a positive attitude.”
Nathan Davis, 2012 National Champion

“Take things one shot at a time.”
Marcus Egusquiza, 2012 National Finalist

“R.R.B.—Routine. Rhythm. Breathe.”
Sophia Lathe, 2012 National Finalist

Believe in Yourself.

“Have the confidence to succeed.”
Grant Allen, 2012 National Finalist

“Keeping a winning attitude is very important.”
Allison Peters, 2012 National Finalist

“Develop self-confidence by competing in other events under pressure and practicing every day.”
Ryggs Johnston, 2012 National Finalist

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