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Historical articles and photographs compiled by Mike Jones of the Salisbury Elks Lodge Number 699 are available at his website History of the Elks.

Historical Media

Contains videos, songs and other multimedia chronicling the history of the Order.

Past Grand Exalted Rulers

The entire list and photos of PGERs going back to 1890 and Exalted Grand Rulers from 1871.

Angels & Elks - The Final Episode: An Elks National Convention Hits Town!

Electrifying words to any city in the early 1900's, but especially to Los Angeles when it meant that, for one glorious and tumultuous week, upwards of 2,000 Elks and families would pour out of the train depots to wander its streets and fill its hotels.

What Starts out in a Mouth and Ends Up on Your Tie?

The increasing reappearance of Elks Teeth has provoked considerable interest among the younger members of our herd who instantly recognize in them windows back to the Order's golden past.

Hello, Bill and Other Secrets

Here's the story on the "Hello, Bill" greeting, plus some insight into those goat jokes often heard at initiations.

Horsepower Meets Elks Power

The tale of the Elks' involvement in the early days of traffic safety.

Help Save Old Ironsides

The Elks were at the forefront of the effort to save the U.S.S. Constitution.

11 O'Clock Toast

Wondering where this toast came from?

Once an Elk, Eternally an Elk

Some lodge-owned cemetery plots, called ELKS RESTS, have outlived the Lodges which established them, while others have even been forgotten by their Lodges, passing almost invisibly through the years in peaceful repose.

Elks Walk More than 2,000 Miles to Attend 1912 National Convention

Four athletic young men, members of the local B.P.O. Elks and employees of the Burlington Railroad, walked 2,223 miles to Portland, Oregon to attend the 1912 National Convention.

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