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Camp Carefree

"The N.C. Elks are incredible supportive and generous to our Camp! Through their fundraising and events like the annual motorcycle ride, they have donated more than $95,000 to Camp in 2013 and 2014 alone." ~ Camp Carefree website |

Since 1986, Camp Carefree has provided a FREE, one week camping experience for kids with chronic illnesses. Their program also includes camps for well siblings of ill children, and a week for children with a sick parent.

The campground has accommodations for 120 campers, counselors and medical personnel, and offers the recreational and craft activities of a traditional camping program. Medical professionals oversee the proper administration of medications and treatments that many of our campers require, and assures the close monitoring of their physical condition.

Many children with serious health problems live a protected life and spend a good deal of their young lives in hospitals and doctor's offices. Camp Carefree provides them with needed freedom to play, learn and have fun with others who encounter similar difficulties. The psychological, recreational and physical benefits of camping with their peers can help make their personal battle easier to bear. Sharing their feelings with others who really know what it's like to live with someone with a chronic health problem or disability helps these children know they are not alone in their plight. Having said this, the emphasis of the camp ALWAYS remains on having fun!

Since the financial burden for families who have someone with ongoing health problems is often heavy, Camp Carefree's policy is to provide each camper this experience at no charge to their families.

The North Carolina Elks Association are a proud supporter of Camp Carefree and the care of kids across the state of North Carolina.


NC Vets Nursing Homes

The NC Elks are a strong supporter of NC Veteran Nursing Home facilities. Some of the services these facilities provide are:

  • Comfort and security with an emphasis on personal choice.
  • Comfortable and spacious living areas
  • Attentive care provided by licensed nurses working closely with medical doctors
  • Dietary and nutrition services
  • Social services
  • Individualized veterans services for the administration of VA benefits
  • Guided therapy services
  • Recreational programs, services and events
Visit the NDDOA for more information on these facilities.

For more information contact: Camp Carefree: Dennis Dowling Phone; 336-345-0886 Email: NC Veterans Homes: H. Lee Littiken Phone; 919-770-8670 Email;

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