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About the Wyoming State Elks Association

The Wyoming Elks Association Needy Youth Program provides scholarships for Wyoming students, and in addition provides needed clothing, dental care, eye exams and glasses for needy youth in Wyoming. Special help and assistance is provided with costly hospitalizations and medical bills for needy youth.

The Wyoming Elks Association is dedicated to meeting the unmet needs of children in Wyoming. The group has provided assistance to the Boys & Girls Club, diaper banks, the food backpack program, and several other youth oriented organizations in the state of Wyoming.


The Wyoming Elks State Trust was established in 1989 by the Wyoming Elks Association as a benevolent trust for the furtherance of charitable, educational and benevolent purposes in Wyoming.

In order to help fund the State Major Project - Needy Youth Program, a perpetual fund was envisioned which would be set up in the same manner as the Elks National Foundation inasmuch as only the interest from the fund would be spent and the principal would always remain invested.

Richard Oberosler became the first Chairman in 1989 and donated the first $1000.00, becoming the first Founder. Richard Oberosler is generally considered to be the father of W.E.S.T.

Supporting W.E.S.T.

Individual donations are the heart of the W.E.S.T. program and make up the greatest percentage of the total donations. The I.R.S. recognizes all donations to W.E.S.T. as tax deductible.

Individuals can become a Participating Member of W.E.S.T. by making a gift of $10 to $99. They will receive a letter from the Secretary/Treasurer of the Wyoming Elks Association acknowledging their gift. The lodge W.E.S.T. Chairman will receive a pin and certificate for presentation to that individual.

Larger donations are similarly recognized with the Sponsor level at $100.00, Founder level at $1000.00, Fellow level at $5000.00, Patron level at $10000.00, Builder level at $25000.00 and Summa Endower level at $50000.00. All gifts are accumulative, allowing a donor to move from one level to the next.

Additionally there is a Blue Envelope Memorial Fund for those wishing to contribute Memorials to W.E.S.T. in the name of a loved one.

Web: http://www.wyoelks.org/Needy_Youth.html Email: pat_russell@outlook.com

Further information about the Wyoming Elks Association Needy Youth Program may be available from Pat Russell, Major Project Chair.

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