Nebraska State Elks Association State Project

Nebraska's Major Projects

Kids on the Block

A Kids on the Block performance is an unforgettable educational experience. The “kids” vividly and effectively model relationships between people through frank and other humorous communication of facts and feelings between the puppet characters and the audience. We have scripts on disabilities, bullying, respect of elders, street safety, medical concerns, culture, substance abuse, autism, behavior, and other topics. All our puppets are operated by trained puppeteers. The program uses a set of 3-4-foot-tall puppets to convey its message to children and encourage them to ask questions.

Kids on the Block puppets are a powerful medium to talk to youth in a variety of settings including schools, preschools, youth groups/clubs, kid’s fairs, summer programs, and support groups.

Cranial Helmet Program

The Nebraska Elks Association assist families with obtaining cranial helmet for infants. This program is for infants who are experiencing Plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome, which affects 1 in 4 infants. The helmet is designed to gently correct the shape of infant’s skull over a three-to-five-month time-period. An orthopedic doctor utilizes 3D scans to fit the infant for a helmet. Since most insurance companies consider this procedure to be cosmetic, the Nebraska Elks Association has stepped forward and provides financial assistance to low-income families who cannot obtain a cranial helmet on their own.

For more information contact: Michael Ohren 7015 Beth Ave, Papillion, NE 68133 402-660-0709.

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