Youth Recognition

The "Teenager" and/or "Student" Program is designed to recognize outstanding young men and women for achievements in school and community life-fine arts, hobbies, athletics, church, school, club and community service, industry and farming. Their accomplishments should be recognized and praised.

Our Local Lodges seek out Teenagers and/or Students in both Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools and select an outstanding boy and girl at both levels each month, and then yearly, and with publicity, give them awards for their accomplishments.

Nominating Procedure

The method of selecting the "Teenager and/or Student Of The Month and Year" and "Junior Teen and/or Student Of The Month and Year" is the responsibility of your Local Elks Lodge. Working in conjunction with school authorities, a student nominating committee may be named. This committee would be responsible for screening "Teenager and/or Student Of The Month" nominees in a school. If more than one school exists in the area served by your Local Lodge, an area committee may be appointed to further screen the nominees.

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