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Looking Up: Kaden Oquelí-White 2022 Elks Most Valuable Student
Having a support system on planet Earth is particularly important for our Most Valuable Student Scholarship Top Winner Kaden Oquelí-White. Sponsored by Slidell, La., Lodge Number 2321 Kaden’s dreams have always been out of this world. As an astrobiology intern with NASA, Kaden has already been able to connect kids to our cosmos. With our $50,000 scholarship, Kaden will attend Columbia University in the fall to study astrophysics. (Runtime: 3 mins.)
2022 Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals
Check out highlights from the 2022 Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals. The finals took place at Wintrust Arena. It's great to be back! (Runtime: 2 mins., 56 secs.)
Midday Minute Episode 68
More than 21,000 students applied for the Most Valuable Student scholarship. Only 20 were invited to interview for the top six awards of up to $50,000. Jim, Debbie, and special guest Makenna Cannon have breaking news in today's episode: the newest members of the #ElksFamily are here. Tune in to learn the top winners of $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000 college scholarships.
Midday Minute Episode 66
Jim and Debbie break down the budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year. Watch now to hear what's in store for the CIP and all your other favorite programs!
Service Doesn't End
Elks scholars who attended the Summer Elks Scholar Service Trip in Boston reflect on the meaning of service and why it matters so much to them. Check it out! (Runtime: 3 min. 20 secs.)
20 For 20: Meet Santiago Alvillar
2020 MVS top winner Santiago Alvillar and his brothers are the first members of their entire family to receive a formal education. In the spring, Santiago got the news that he received $50,000 toward his college education. This fall, he started at Stanford University, where he's studying engineering physics. In the culmination of this year's top 20 interviews, Santiago, who is sponsored by Montebello, Calif., Lodge No. 2051, shares just what the scholarship means to him.
20 For 20: Meet Sarah Harper
In this episode of 20 For 20, top MVS winner Sarah Harper shares her journey to becoming an Elks scholar. Sarah, sponsored by Athens, Tenn., Lodge No. 1927, received $50,000 toward her education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she studies industrial engineering. Sarah was deeply involved with band and NJROTC in high school; she built a family through both. Now, she's found a new family that she's bonded with through service and virtual connection—the #ElksFamily.
Shine a Spotlight on Service
Hyannis, Massachusetts, Lodge No. 1549 is using a Spotlight Grant to address family literacy through a Community Baby Shower project. Watch this short film to see how they're building a stronger Elks community. (Runtime: 2 mins., 10 secs.)
2019 Most Valuable Student Scholarship Leadership Weekend
The Top Finalists from the 2019 Most Valuable Student scholarship class have overcome different adversities that shaped who they are today–Elks scholars. During the sixth annual Leadership Weekend, they bonded through their diversity and shared their ambitious goals for the future. These students are going to change the world, and they're going to do it as members of the #ElksFamily. This film shows why. (Runtime: 5 mins., 57 secs.)
The Future of Elkdom
Elks scholars have shared how they view Elks in their community and how the Elks have introduced them to a life of service, and, in the final installment of "Beyond the Scholarship," they're sharing what they see for "The Future of Elkdom." "You're not only helping your community and the country, you're making a difference on the world." Enjoy! (Runtime: 1 min., 56 secs.)
Full Circle
"When I go out and serve communities on behalf of the Elks, I find that what the Elks have done for us and what we're doing for the community, I find that, that service comes full circle." These students were given the opportunity to attend college because of the Elks, and now they're giving back in the name of the Elks. Full circle.(Runtime: 1 min., 44 secs.)
The Road to Elkdom
Next up in our "Beyond the Scholarship" series, Elks scholars share why they joined the Order and, if they haven't yet, why they want to join. There's also a special appearance from longtime Elks member Susan Waghorn! This is "The Road to the Elkdom." Enjoy! #ElksFamily (Runtime: 1 min., 51 secs.)
Pillars of the Community
Introducing our new film series "Beyond the Scholarship" featuring Elks scholars talking about—what else—the Elks! In this short film, the scholars share how they view the Elks as "Pillars of the Community." (Runtime: 1 min., 57 secs.)
150 for 150: Side-by-Side Service
Elks scholars share their experience attending the Elks Scholars Service and Celebration, which marked the Elks' 150th anniversary during the National Convention in San Antonio. (Runtime: 1 min., 00 sec.)
2018 Getty Powell Winner Anthony Thompson
In his first year of competing in the Hoop Shoot, Anthony Thompson not only made it to the National Finals and won the 8 to 9-year-old boys' division, but he also took home the Getty Powell award. He missed just four shots the entire season, making 40 free throws in a row at Finals. Here's a look back at his incredible Hoop Shoot season! (Runtime: 1 min., 58 secs.)
2018 MVS Leadership Weekend
During the 2018 Most Valuable Student Leadership Weekend, Finalists from across the country came together to tell their stories. They also had the opportunity to engage in a passion they all share in common: service. (Runtime: 6 mins., 20 secs.)
2018 Hoop Shoot National Finals Highlights
The Finalists shone bright in another great year at the Hoop Shoot National Finals in Chicago from April 19-21, 2018. Check out the highlights! (Runtime: 2 mins., 07 secs.)
Anniversary Shout-out
This feel-good video launched the 150th anniversary celebration. It features celebrities Jim Cramer and Steve Alford as well as a bunch of other people familiar with the Elks' impressive record of service. (Runtime: 2 mins., 37 secs.)
Elks 150th Timeline
This timeline captures many of the Order's significant achievements in our first 150 years. Take a look! (Runtime: 1 min., 57 secs.)
Chuck and Gladys: A Senior Love Story
This short, touching tribute introduced the Foundation's portion of Opening Ceremonies at the 2017 Convention in Reno, where Chuck Williams, then our Board Chair, and his wife, Gladys, were celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary. Fair warning: It will surprise you. (Runtime: 1 min., 9 secs.)
The 2016 Leadership Weekend
The participants in the 2016 Leadership Weekend reflect on the experience and what their scholarships and the Elks mean to them. (Run time: 6 mins., 6 secs.)
Stay Awhile
Elks-scholar-turned-Elk Macy Warburton found her passion and got involved, and as a result, got so much more out of her scholarship than just the annual check. In this video, she encourages her peers to do the same.
Learn. Serve. Connect.
The Elks National Foundation launched its first Elks Scholar Service Trip in August 2015 to Manistique in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This short film tells the story of that trip.
When Their Service Ends, Ours Begins
Need ideas for your grant projects that serve veterans? In this video, the chief of voluntary service at a VA medical center breaks down the needs of today's veterans. Check it out.
The CIP's 10th Birthday Tribute
The Community Investments Program turns 10 in 2015. Learn about the Foundation's largest and fastest growing program in this video tribute.
Protect Their Families
Haylee Manning didn't know the Elks could help her finish college, until a member told her. The Emergency Educational Grant program provides financial assistance to children of deceased or totally disabled Elks, who wish to obtain or further their college education.
Shaping the Scholar Experience
If you'd like to travel to interesting places, meet new people, make friends, and shape the Elks scholar experience, then you should apply for the Scholar Advisory Board. Learn more by watching this video.
How Do You Spell Success?
In a twist on the typical Legacy scholar story, Anji Radakrishnan's father joined the Elks because of her involvement with the Lodge's youth activities. Check out their story and learn more about the availability of scholarships for Elks families.
Beauty and the Elk
Lauren Kuhn, a Legacy Award scholarship recipient and the 2014 Miss Massachusetts, talks about the meaning of her Elks scholarship and the surprise that awaited her at the 2015 Hoop Shoot Finals.
Convention: 2015 Top Male Scholar
Mark Ansell, the 2015 MVS Top Male Winner: introduction video for the 2015 Elks National Convention.
Convention: 2015 Top Female Scholar
Sarah Jiudice, the 2015 MVS Top Female Winner: introduction video for the 2015 Elks National Convention.
Director's Cut: Clara Ritger
ENF Director Jim O'Kelley sits down with 2009 MVS scholar and filmmaker Clara Ritger in this feature-length interview from the 2015 Leadership Weekend.
We'll Always Have St. Louis (Short)
Bryce Caswell and Sean Loosli, the top Most Valuable Student scholarship winners from 2003, share what receiving their awards meant to them.
We'll Always Have St. Louis
Catch up with the top scholars from 2003 in this feature-length interview from the 2015 Leadership Weekend.
Serve with Me
Elks Scholar Fellow Maryann Slater invites scholars to join her on an Elks Scholar Service Trip.
2015 Hoop Shoot National Finals
See the 2015 national Hoop Shoot finals through the eyes of four volunteers.
Can Larry Dunk?
He's big, he's sexy, but can he dunk? Find out in this quirky film.
The Charity Stripe
We strive to impart values like service to the youth who participate in our programs. Sometimes we can learn from them. This video tells the story of a pair of Hoop Shoot finalists who turned their participation in the program into a fundraiser for sick friends.
Convention: 2015 Female Getty Powell Award Winner
Meet Brylee Lingen, the Hoop Shoot's 2015 female Getty Powell Award winner, in this intro video from the Convention in Indianapolis.
Naugatuck Lodge's Senior Home Work Project
Check out this short video about Naugatuck, Conn., Lodge's longstanding Impact Grant project.
Coos Bay Lodge's Share Bear Snack Pack Project
The Coos Bay, Ore., Elks have been using their Impact Grant to provide weekend relief for food-insecure kids.
Speaking from experience, Macy Warburton talks about the importance of engaging Elks scholars and the need to distinguish ourselves from the many other scholarship providers out there.
Jeff Mitchell 2015 Community Investments Program Volunteer of the Year
Jeff Mitchell is the 2014-15 Community Investments Program Volunteer of the Year. Mitchell leads the Lodge in the use of an Impact Grant. Through the EFELT project, Elks partner with local schools to identify youth in need, and provide them with a backpack of food each Friday afternoon as they leave school.
Bryce Bolio Hoop Shoot Intro
Bryce Bolio, the 2015 Getty Powell Award winner
Girls Allowed
An advocate for girls sports and leadership programming talks about the Elks Hoop Shoot and the importance of female role models.
Elks Hoop Shoot | Lessons Learned
Learn what life lessons contestants take away from the Elks Hoop Shoot Free Throw Contest. Get involved by visiting www.elks.org/hoopshoot.
Midday with the Elks National Foundation
Filmed in front of a studio audience during the 2014 Elks National Convention in New Orleans, Midday, hosted by Foundation Director Jim O’Kelley, features Elks scholars sharing their experiences.
Look what can happen when we take the time to engage our scholarship recipients and show them what it means to be an Elk.
2013-14 Community Investments Program Volunteer of the Year
In his second year as Grants Coordinator for Hillsboro, Ore., Lodge No. 1862, Richard Shipley batted 1000. With a talented team of players alongside him, Rick helped his Lodge apply for and receive every ENF-funded grant possible!
Serving our Veterans
At the Leadership Weekend in April, we shared our passion for serving veterans with the 20 Most Valuable Student finalists. This music video documents the trip to the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center while also serving as a call for our Lodges to design grant projects that meet the actual needs of today's veterans.
2014 MVS Leadership Weekend
What happens when you fly 20 scholars to Chicago? Give them a place to congregate. Throw in some games. Teach them about the Elks through a scavenger hunt at the Memorial building. Play some trivia. And engage in service at a veterans hospital. What happened was a weekend that none of us will ever forget.
2014 Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals
This recap of the 2014 Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals follows four contestants through the weekend in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Donations at Work
Watch Elks National Foundation Director Jim O'Kelley explain the difference between a designated gift and donation to the Elks National Foundation's Endowment Fund.
Giving Back
The Elks National Foundation presents Giving Back, a five-minute segment aired on the Fox Business News Network and the Documentary Channel in December 2012.
Elks National Foundation Video
Learn all about the Elks National Foundation!