Junior Golf Project

One of the fastest-growing co-ed sports in America is golf. With younger players such as Rickie Fowler and Michelle Wie, golf is becoming as popular among boys and girls as soccer. Many high schools now have golf not only as a co-curricular sport, but also as a PE class. Local golf courses are also recognizing the growth and popularity of the sport and are sponsoring numerous programs for young golfers.

In recognizing the popularity of this sport among our youth the Elks have introduced the "Jr. Golf" Program. Programs like these are popular on a national level and encouraged by the nationwide agencies that promote golf, such as the PGA and the USGA. Many local golf courses have youth programs like these to encourage and promote participation in the sport.

Most Elk sponsored Jr. Golf events are open to the public community children. For more information on the "Jr. Golf" Program and to see if this program is available in your area, contact the local lodge near you.

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