Memorial Art Tour

Elks National Memorial

The Elks National Memorial and Headquarters Building has been a Chicago landmark since its dedication on July 14, 1926. The accompanying photographs can only suggest the beauty and grandeur of this awe-inspiring structure, designed by New York architect Egerton Swarthout, and considered by many experts to be the finest of its kind in the world. Sculptures are by three of the greatest artists of their day, Adolph A. Weinman, James Earle Fraser and Fraser's wife, Laura Gardin Fraser. The allegorical murals are by Edwin H. Blashfield and Eugene Savage.

Grand Reception Hall

Paths of Peace

“Paths of Peace”

The Armistice

“The Armistice”

The Grand Reception Hall

The Grand Reception Hall


Brotherly Love

“Brotherly Love”












Symbol Bearers - Brotherly Love

“Symbol Bearers - Brotherly Love”

Symbol Bearers - Charity

“Symbol Bearers - Charity”

Symbol Bearers - Fidelity

“Symbol Bearers - Fidelity”

Symbol Bearers - Justice

“Symbol Bearers - Justice”

Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven

“Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven”

They Shall Be Called The Children of God

“They Shall Be Called The Children of God”

They Shall Be Comforted

“They Shall Be Comforted”

They Shall Be Filled

“They Shall Be Filled”

They Shall Inherit The Earth

“They Shall Inherit The Earth”

They Shall Obtain Mercy

“They Shall Obtain Mercy”

They Shall See God

“They Shall See God”

They That Are Persecuted

“They That Are Persecuted”


“Charity” (north)


“Fraternity” (south)

They That Are Persecuted

“Justice” (east)