Jerome, AZ 1361

District No. 0460

Lodge News

  • Friday Potlucks are Back!!!! Next Potluck Friday October 8th

    Please bring a dish - main dishes, salads, snacks, veggies, desserts - all will be appreciated!


    Please come and join us and enjoy the lounge, see old friends and enjoy your favorite beverage on Friday nights.

  • Lodge Bulletin - October & Novemberr 2021

  • Jerome Lodge Open for Thursday night dinners-Dine in or take out served from 5:30 to 6:00 PM bar is open

    Precautions in place for dine in: 1. All tables and chairs have been set up in the large room, to allow way more space than required for people to social distance from others. 2. All tables and serving counters are wiped with disinfectant prior to each use. 3. Kitchen workers wear masks and gloves. 4. People getting in line for food are asked to keep at least 6 ft distance from others. 5. All the self service items, such as silverware, napkins, salad, bread and salad dressing have been removed and are now portioned out to each member. Salad dressing is put in little containers with lids and 4 types are available. Salt & pepper packets are being used in lieu of shakers, and bread is being put out with each order. 6. Members have taken turns donating dessert items since self serve ice cream is not an option right now. 7. Silverware is wrapped within a napkin and passed out with each meal. 8. Sanitizer is available in the bar and by the serving line at the food window.

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