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    A small city rich in American heritage, Annapolis is the home of the United States Naval Academy, St. John's College and many historic homes. Visit our State House, where George Washington resigned his commission in the Continental Army to become the first President of the United States. Listen to the clanging of the sailboats and enjoy the beautiful waterfront in the "Sailing Capital of the World." Annapolis is truly the "Gem by the Bay."


    Nearly 200 miles long and fed by 48 major rivers, the Chesapeake Bay is truly the land of pleasant living. From soaring eagles to it's famous steamed crabs, this 64,000 square mile basin supports over 2700 species. Long known as a sailor's delight, the mighty Chesapeake hosts visitors from throughout the world.

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    Rich in history and tradition, the United States Naval Academy has graduated some of the most prominent figures in our Country's history. From President Jimmy Carter, Admiral "Bull" Hulsey, Admiral Chester Nimitz, Admiral Hyman Rickover, United States Senators and numerous astronauts, this institution has graduated over 60,000 young men and women into a proud military heritage.

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