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Lodge Links

  • America-A 5 minute trip by air!

    America the Beautiful. Be thankful for the sacrifices of our Vets.

  • AZ Maps

    AZ Travelers Sights to see and information

  • AZ Elks Major Project

    Steele Children's Research Center

  • Arizona 2012 Event Calendar

    Things to do all over Arizona in 2012.

  • Tucson Community Calendar

    When you come and see us, see Tucson too!

  • Arizona Daily Star

    All the Arizona and World News Daily for free.

  • Tucson On the Cheap

    Deals and Steals! Free stuff to expand your entertainment budget and get you out of the house.

  • Sahuarita AZ

    City and Area Information

  • Find a Church Locator

    List of Ticson Houses of Worship

  • Quick Links Sahuarita Medical Services

    Hospitals and clinics.

  • Grand Lodge

    Grand Lodge Resource Center

  • AZ Elks Lodges

    Link to News Letters and News of AZ Elk Lodges.

  • Tucson Museum of Art

    History and Art Under One Roof. Visit our award winning museum.

  • Santa Cruz Valley History

    The Santa Cruz Valley was the path-way for the Spanish Settlement of the West. Visit the Tubac U.S. Park Historical display for an excellent summary of area history. Tubac is one of the oldest Spanish settlements in America; the Spanish came for Gold and Silver and settled starting ranches, mines, and missions. Come and see the Santa Cruz there is lots to see; take a day trip to Mexico; visit Madera canyon and the sky islands; or, park your RV/Camper at the local indian casino (parking is free).

  • Ghost Towns and AZ History

    Local Color

  • Tucson Golf

    Where to play golf. I thought you'd never ask!

  • RV'ers Welcome (Snow Birds and Fire Birds)

    Arizona is a favorite place of all kinds of RV'ers. Sahuriata sets between Tucson and Nogales, with lots of great places to see and things to do. Come and see us!

  • Madera Canyon

    Information and pictures of beautiful Madera Canyon; home of the "Sky Islands." Famious habitat birding and family camping area. Wilderness area with camping or day tripping in the park; or, you can stay in a cabin, hence the link (Public Service Link)

  • Horse riding and events calendar.

    If you a regular or have never set a horse you will find enjoyment here in AZ. We have horse riding experiences to fit all skill levels.

  • Kitt Peak National Observatory

    Outstanding day trip for visitors to Tucson; better night trip with opportunity to look through the telescope. International Interest site.

  • Sport Shooters Resource

    Resource for shooters*. We may be the wildwest but if you bring your guns or are a sport marksman you might want to look at this. *Not contest drinkers; people with guns are more responsible. They don't mix alcohol with gun-powder, except in dime novels.

  • Mexico Travel Link

    It's just a short trip; about 30 minutes to Mexico. Here is some information you might like to know. Also see the other links to Sights to see in the Santa Cruz Valley.

  • Discover the desert with your camera

    Do you have a new camera? Here is a link to a class that will get you started as a nature photogrher. There are so many interesting and beautiful things to see in AZ. Jump start your memories with beautiful pictures!

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