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  • ENF Scholarship Program

    As Elks our kids and grandkids are eligeble for the ENF scholarship programs. Below is a quick sumarry directly from the website. The scholarship program website is 

    Who is Eligible?

    1. For the 2022 contest, any child or grandchild (or step-child, step-grandchild, or legal ward) of a living Elk who joined the order on or before April 1, 2022, or a charter member of a Lodge that was instituted on or after April 1, 2018, is eligible to apply. The Elk must also be a paid-up member through March 31, 2021. Great-grandchildren are not eligible.


    2. The applicant must be a high school senior.


    3. The applicant must apply online only. The 2022 Legacy Awards application deadline is February 5, 2022 at 11:59 a.m. Central Time.


    4. If the applicant's parent and grandparent are both Elk members, the applicant must apply through the parent's Elks Lodge.


    5. We have waived the standardized test requirement for the 2022 Legacy contest. You do not need to submit ACT and/or SAT scores.


    6. Students may apply for more than one ENF scholarship; however, they may win only one. In cases where the student wins more than one, we will award the scholarship with the greater value. Students can accept local and state scholarships, which are separate from the awards at the national level.


    7. Legacy Awards may only be applied to accredited US American schools, colleges or universities. (Note: Applicants from Guam, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Philippines may apply Legacy Awards toward schools, colleges or universities in their respective homes.)


    8. If you are selected as a 2022 Legacy Awards recipient, you will be required to perform service once a year with an Elks Lodge during the four years you are receiving the scholarship. Click here for more information about serving with the Elks.


      The 2022 Legacy Awards Contest Opens September 1.


  • How to get involved

    The lodge is always willing to hear from all of our members. There a few ways that everyone can get involved. One way is to fill out a suggestion and put it in the suggestion box. Another way to get involved is to send an email to Or email the contacts below.

    Always feel free to show up to any of the lodges activities. 


  • AZ Major Projects

    In Arizona, Elks help children in two distinct ways.

    We have sponsored research at the University of Arizona's "Steele Children's Research Center" since 1992 with over $4 million in donations. We remodeled and modernized the "Arizona Elks Clinic for Children and Young Adults" and provide funds for an endowed chair in Neonatology.

    We are also very proud of our Elks Youth Camp located in the Sierra Ancha Mountains in northeast Arizona. This camp is open and available to all youth groups throughout the state for a nominal fee.


  • AZ Major Projects News

    Will be updated very soon.