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  • AZ Major Projects

    In Arizona, Elks help children in two distinct ways.

    We have sponsored research at the University of Arizona's "Steele Children's Research Center" since 1992 with over $4 million in donations. We remodeled and modernized the "Arizona Elks Clinic for Children and Young Adults" and provide funds for an endowed chair in Neonatology.

    We are also very proud of our Elks Youth Camp located in the Sierra Ancha Mountains in northeast Arizona. This camp is open and available to all youth groups throughout the state for a nominal fee.

    Please take time to visit both portions of our website. Please call us at the numbers shown if you have any questions.

    For more information contact Al Skorupski, Executive Director, Arizona Elks Major Projects, Inc., PO Box 12668, Tucson, AZ 85732-2668, phone 520-326-0556 or FAX 520-325-2183 or 888-808-8627.

  • AZ Major Projects News

    Latest News From the AEMP Executive Director Al Skorupski Key words for all Elks to remember this September include: Transitions, transactions, translational research and time to remember the Arizona Elks Major Projects. As we begin the transition from the long hot Arizona summer to the cooler days of October and November it is also time to think about what it means to be an Elk. In my opinion, being an Elk is being someone who cares about friends, family and about kids in need. The Elks involved with the Arizona Elks Major Projects, Board Members, District Representatives and your local Lodge Major Projects Chairman offer our thanks to all who have supported our great work before and soon will be asking you to help the Major Projects again. Transactions - You all should have received your Mid-Year Raffle tickets in the mail a few weeks ago. Did you sit right down, fill out your raffle tickets, write your check and mail them back to the Major Project office? If you did mail in your donation, thanks so much for your support. If you put the Major Projects mailer in your desk for safe keeping, now is the time to find the raffle tickets , fill them out, write your check to Major Projects and send it them in. Remember you can’t win that Candy Apple Red Ford Focus if you don’t enter. Many Lodges had or will soon have the 2012 Ford Focus on display in their local community and have sold or will sell raffle tickets to people in the community while informing tickets buyers about the good works we do as Elks. Thanks so much for your help in making the Mid-Year Raffle a success. Translational Medicine/Research at the Steele Center is developing a new ways to treat and hopefully cure children suffering from serious medical issues. For the past twenty years the Arizona Elks have supported the work of Doctors/Researcher’s at the Steele Center. Much of that time has been in the laboratories searching for cures. Once potential cures have been identified next comes a long process working with the Food and Drug Administration to make sure these new treatment concepts work and that the do no harm to the children who are taking part in the treatment efforts of the Steele Center. Now is the time to take the next gigantic step in treatment. The Steele Center, because of the funding provided by the Arizona Elks (That is you and me folks) is in the process of opening a Translational Treatment Clinic in the Greater Phoenix area. The Arizona Elks through the work of the Board of Directors of the Major Projects, The District Reps and the Local Lodges have embarked on a ten year project to help fund the establishment of this Translational Treatment Clinic (translating research into community treatment). Why the Greater Phoenix area? The best/easiest way to explain this choice is by citing a treatment example. Type I Diabetes: In the Greater Tucson area the Steele Center Doctors have identified over 600 children who suffer from this disease. While that seems like a lot of kids the doctors in the Greater Phoenix area have identified over 6,000 children who suffer from this disease. A bigger pool of children whose parents could agree to allow their children to be treated by the Doctors/Researchers associated with the Steele Center. The more children taking part in these clinical trials the greater chance the Doctors involved will one day find a cure for Type I Diabetes in children. More next month – Al Skorupski, Executive Director AEMP

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