Canandaigua, NY 1844

District No. 6560

Lodge Facilities

19 Niagara Street

View from Niagra Street

Grand Entrance Hall

Front Enterance

Dinning Room Entry

Our Downstairs Dinning Room entrance has been recently updated with a beautiful awning and brick retaining walls!

Deck & Patio

Our rear deck was expanded in 2007 to provide more room for grilling and outside seating!

Rear Building

View from backside of Lodge Building and Parking Lot.


This is our recently renovated bar area.


Upstairs Bar Lounge

Our renovated Bar Lounge provides plenty of room for gathering and socializing!

Bar Lounge

Our new bar lounge also includes vending, popcorn, and a Jukebox!


Free Jukebox - Provide by Larry Jenkins!

Meeting/Banquet Room

Although our lodge uses this 2nd floor hall for our meetings, it can also be rented for parties and banquets - Great Dance Floor!


Mounted with PRIDE!

Dining Room Bar

Our lower level banquet/dining room full service bar and TV.

Lower Level Banquet/Dining Room

Lower Level Kitchen Area

Full Service Kitchen. Available for rent during banquets!

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