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Lodge Facilities

View of Mississippi River from Elks Lodge 374

Pictured are three sailboats and a powerboat on the Mississippi River. The log structure to the right is the Southeast most block house of the replica of Old Fort Madison.The bluffs in the background are in Illinois.

The picture was taken from the front sidewalk of Lodge 374.

Fort Madison Elks Lodge

This is the front of Fort Madison Lodge 374. The photo was taken from the grounds of the Old Fort Madison replica.

Original facade of Lodge 374

This is a color drawing of the original outside front of Fort Madison Lodge 374.

We are particularly proud of this as it was drawn by Lodge member Jim Knapp. This drawing is mounted next to our Centennial Plaque.

Fort Madison Elks main club room

Open 3:00 PM until 9:00 PM Monday through Thursday, 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM Friday, 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM Saturday, and Noon to 7:00 PM Sunday.

Lodge legend has it that those pictured at our main bar haven't left their bar stools since July 6, 1905 - the date the first "cold one" was drawn in our present building.

B.P.O.Elks 374 dining room

The Lodge serves: fried catfish, ribeye steaks, Iowa chops, jumbo shrimp, broiled chicken breast, and chicken strips with the trimmings every other Friday from 5:30PM to 8:00PM.

Pictured are: Joe Simmens (left) and Al Humphrey (right). Al is a Past DDGER, Past State President, Past Grand Trustee, Past SDGER, and Iowa Elks of the Year. Yep, he's got big antlers !

Banquet Facilities

The Fort Madison Elks can comfortably accomodate private parties, banquets, or wedding receptions up to 170 people. There is an area which can be enclosed which will easily accomodate 50 people.

Call 319-372-3724 for details.

Back Lounge

The Fort Madison Elks maintains a secondary "club room / lounge" which is available to Elks members when the main area is in use by a party.

Gaming area

B.P.O.Elks 374 offers a free pool table to members and their guests.

You might also find an occasional "friendly" game of pitch or hearts.

Lodge activities

Pictured from the left: Bob Britton, Iowa Elks Vice President Southeast; Breanne Hoffman, scholarship winner; Jami Huey,scholarship winner; and Tony Robertson, Exalted Ruler Lodge 374.

Original Elks 374 lodge room.

This is a photo (circa 1928) of our "upstairs" lodge room. The room is still there, but is mothballed.

Grand Lodge Centennial plaque

Our Lodge was founded in May 1897. In May 1997 we celebrated our centennial. This is a photo of our Grand Lodge Centennial Plaque it is mounted on the West wall of our main dinning room.

Catfish Bend Riverboat Casino

Catfish Bend Riverboat Casino docks in Fort Madison from April 19, 2004 through the latter part of October 2004.

Catfish Bend is located about 3 blocks West of the Fort Madison Elks.

Click Here to visit the Catfish Bend web site.

Replica of Old Fort Madison

Built in 1808, Fort Madison was named for James Madison the Fourth President of the United States, principal author of the Constitution of the United States of America, and author of much of The Federalist.

Click here to visit the Old Fort Madison web site.

Santa Fe Bridge

The original Santa Fe Bridge was replaced in 1927 with a 525-foot swingspan bridge, the largest in the world. The double-deck structure continues to provide a key rail link to eastern markets. Its top portion accesses autos and bikers traveling to and from the community.

The bridge is five blocks East of the Elks.

Fort Madison and the railroad

The main line of the Santa Fe is between our building and the Mississippi River. The line runs from Chicago to Los Angles.

Pictured is a BNSF locamotive. In the background is Catfish Bend Riverboat Casino. This photo was taken from the front door of the Lodge.

Fort Madison Veterans' Memorial

Located near the entrance to Fort Madison's Riverview Park, the Veterans' Memorial is about two blocks East of Lodge 374.

This photo was taken in late August 2003, and, while the humidity was high, rain was a scarce comodity. Accoringly, the grass is brown and the air hazy.

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