District No. 6180

Lodge Officers

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

Exalted Ruler

John Downs (Rose)
Cell: 845-642-5495
Email: Jfish963@yahoo.com

Esteemed Leading Knight

Tom Colarusso (Teresa)
Cell: 845-642-7347
Email: tntcola@optonline.net

Esteemed Loyal Knight

Tito Crespo
Cell: 845-406-1108
Email: tito317@optonline.net

Esteemed Lecturing Knight

Chris Schaub
Cell: 845-642-6404
Email: schauby@optonline.net

Secretary (PER, State Trustee)

J. Lawless
Office: 845-429-8727
Email: secretary@haverstrawelks.org


James Tierney (Marian)
Home: 845.786.7040
Cell: 914.450.4858
Email: Treasurers.Office@Verizon.net

Esquire (PER)

Gerard O'Sullivan
Cell: 914-588-1222
Email: djjos09@aol.com

Inner Guard

Thomas Schaub
Cell: 914-844-4492
Email: tom.schaub@westchesteryachtsales.com


Rev. Warren Brandt
Home: 845-353-4783
Email: Brandt78@Verizon.net


Kevin Pfeil (Debbie)
Cell: 914-262-5436
Email: kjp611@optimum.net


Phillip Guerra
Office: 845-786-5574
Email: pmguerra@pmgcg.com

1 Year Trustee

Ed Geary (Allyson)
Cell: 845-786-3283
Email: egars@aol.com

2 Year Trustee

Chris Cawley (Maureen)
Cell: 845-222-8658

3 Year Trustee (PER)

Joe Gara
Home: 845-638-4154
Cell: 845-629-1336
Email: jlgara@optonline.net

4 Year Trustee

Chris Huslinger
Home: 845-709-9076
Cell: 845-422-6448
Email: chiefhus18@yahoo.com

5 Year Trustee (DDGER, PSVP)

Scott Taylor (Nina)
Home: 845-429-0916
Cell: 914-329-2917
Email: Scott877@aol.com

Justice of the Subordinate Forum

Hon. Frank Phillips (Meryl)
Office: 845-947-1100
Email: fphillips@phillipsandmillman.com

House Chairman

John Intrieri
Office: 845.429.9851or 8738
Email: Housechairman.office@verizon.net

Club 877 President

Jennifer Henion
Cell: 845-304-8219

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