Calera, AL 2703

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Exalted Ruler
Patricia Miller

Leading Knight
Sylvia Allen

Loyal Knight
Deborah Horton

Lecturing Knight
Debora L. Ricketts

Beth Hoggle

Jeri Garrett

Trustee Chair
Becky Lucas

Board of Directors C - Board of Directors Chair
Becky Lucas

Trustee - One Year
Ronnie Sturm

Trustee - Two Year
Clarke Cook

Trustee - Three Year
Thomas Edward Smith

Trustee - Four Year
Becky Lucas

Chairperson - Auditing & Accounting Committee
Linda Porter

Chairperson - Hoop Shoot® Subcommittee
Ronnie Sturm

Chairperson - Elks National Foundation Subcommittee
Wendy L. Stiles

Chairperson - Accident Prevention Subcommittee
Becky Lucas

Chairperson - House Committee
W Michael Wilkes

Chairperson - Board of Trustees
Becky Lucas

Chairperson - Christmas Food Baske
Becky Lucas

Chairperson - Kids Christmas
Becky Lucas

Chairperson - Lodge Bulletin
Patricia Miller

Chairperson - Entertainment
Sylvia Allen