District No. 5320

Lodge Officers

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Exalted Riler

Phillip Floyd, PER
3640 LV Blvd N. #83
Las Vegas, NV 89115
Cell: 702-350-7384
Email: phillipfloyd@gmail.com

Leading Knight

Gene Winn, PER
Home: 702-649-5260
Cell: 702-497-8531
Email: winncg@aol.com

Loyal Knight

James Malott (Jocelyn)
1416 Nature Loop Av.
N. Las Vegas, NV 89031
Cell: 702-496-9818
Email: jdmalott@hotmail.com

Lecturing Knight

Now Open


Marc Lancaster (Diane)
Cell: 702-236-8411
Email: Hulamarc@cox.net


Carlos Perez
5218 Caliente St.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Cell: 702-501-8032
Email: carlosperez8269@hotmail.com


Robert "Hellboy" Carroll, PER


Sue Ellen Bohnett (Bill)
2427 Country Orchard ST.
N. Las Vegas, NV 89030
Home: 702-648-7577
Office: 702-642-9431
FAX: 702-648-7577
Email: isexebunz@aol.com

1 Year Trustee

Dona Hoesly, PER
2701 Sidonia AV.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Cell: 702-379-7863
Email: courtisy@gmail.com

2 Year Trustee

Jim Menagh (Nancy)
4107 Del Monte AV.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Home: 402-541-6823
Cell: 702-449-8284

3 Year Trustee

Louis Pardy
2422 McCarran
N. Las Vegas, NV 89030
Home: 702-642-8879
Cell: 702-527-0172
Email: pegandlou@cox.net

4 Year Trustee

Ronald Douglass, PER
7835 S. Rainbow Blvd Sut B4 209
Las Vegas, NV
Cell: 702-350-7384

5Y Trustee

Charles "Chuck" Presson (Terri)
4638 Zia Ridge St.
NLV 89030, NV
Home: 702-642-8899

Presiding Justice

Jerry Creed

Officer of the Year 19/20

Sue Buffamonte (Dom)

Elk of the Year 19/20

Gene Winn, PER

Citizen of the Year 19/20

Col.Ray G. Millero Dr. Rosa Millero

Accident Prevention

Lou Pardy


Chuck Pressen


Barbara Munson

Community Activies

Phillip Floyd, PER

Drug Awarenessn

Carlos Perez

Flag Day

Mike 'Cowboy" Couch, PER

Government Relations

Bill Bohnett (PDD, PSP), PDDGER

State Major Project

Ron Douglass

Hoop Shoot

Ron Douglas, PER

Mother's Day

Bob Carroll, PER


Bob Carroll, PER

Lodge Activites

Gene Winn

Lodge PER Contact

"Cowboy" Couch, PER


'Hellboy Carroll

Memorial Service

Phillip Floyd

Elks National Foundation

"Hellboy" Carroll

Nat. Vets. Service

Chris Heisler


Chris Heisler

Public Relations

Bill Bohnett,, PSP

Soccer Shoot

Carlos Perez

Vocational Scholarship

Phillip Floyd

Youth Activities

Carlos Perez

Most Valuable Student

Phillip Floyd


Gene Winn, PER
3300 Stanley Av.
N. Las Vegas, NV 89030-1305
Cell: 702-497-8531
Email: winncg@aol.com

RV Park Chairman

Gene Winn

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