Indianola, IA 2814

Lodge Facilities

Club Room

Our Club Room is located on the square in the heart of Indianola Downtown. It features: a bar, multiple big screen TVs, dance floor, two ticket machines (tickets can be used to purchase food and drinks at our Lodge), and many other amenities.

Kitchen Area

We do serve limited menus on the nights the Club Room is open. Limited menu includes: drummies, hot wings, jalapeno poppers, cheese sticks, cheese balls, mushrooms, gizzards, fries, onion rings, shrimp, chips and candy bars. We also have the following sandwiches:  grinders, tenderloins, pizza burgers, breaded chicken and hot ham and cheese.  Watch our Lodge calendar and signs outside the Lodge for more information.


Have you noticed the new patio furniture, newly replaced exterior lights, and that the Flag is now properly lit at night?

It's patio season and our patio can be used whenever the Club Room is open. This is a great place to hang out on Wednesday nights for our

Spouses and non-members are free to use the patio while meetings are in-progress in the Club Room.