Front Royal, VA 2382

Lodge Facilities

Banquet Room

If you have that special occasion coming up such as a wedding, family reunion, birthday, Christmas party or just want to get together with a couple of hundred friends and party, you need to check out our Banquet Facilities. We can seat 250 people comfortably. Our location is a big plus too! We are not in town, and not really out of town, but in a nice secluded location. Something to consider when looking for a special place for that special occasion! Feel free to call us at (540)635-2330 or use the Contact Us link for price, availability, and the maximum number of occupants.

Club Room

The Club Room is open to all Elk members and properly invited guests. A fair selection of cold draft, and bottle beer is available as well as wine and wine coolers. Our Virginia ABC license allows you to bring in your own bottle of liquor, and for a nominal fee, we can serve it back to you and watch you drink it. What a deal!! Sandwiches, burgers, fries etc are cooked fresh from our grill up until one hour before closing. Dinner specials are currently held on Friday evenings offering a wide variety of foods such as chicken and dumplings, meatloaf, cabbage rolls and a bunch of other stuff. Well worth stopping by and getting a belly full. Monthly Steak Night and Karaoke are a good way to spend a Saturday evening with us.

Picnic Shelter

The picnic shelter has electricity, water, BBQ pit as well. Members can enjoy the use at any time. There is a small charge for public use.

RV Parking

We have plenty of space for parking RVs, campers etc but only one electrical hookup. First come, first served. No dumping stations and no toilet facilities are available. However, as you can see in the photo, there are plenty of trees and plenty of space for a lot of RVs.