Bonita Springs-Estero, FL 2753

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Exalted Ruler
Darlene Seachrist

Leading Knight
George Bowden

Loyal Knight
Dale Sayset

Lecturing Knight
Cynthia D. Sklebar

Dean T. Pratt

Board of Directors C - Board of Directors Chair
Dale Sayset

Trustee - One Year
Julie Amoroso

Trustee - Two Year
Ronald E. Alfonso

Trustee - Three Year
John R. Amoroso

Trustee - Four Year
Rufus L. Morse-Ellington

Trustee - Five Year
Philip Boucher

Alice Peret

Amy M. Fitzgerald

Joseph T. Bell

Inner Guard
Susie Copps

Chairperson - Activities Committee
Darlene Seachrist

Chairperson - Drug Awareness Subcommittee
Amy M. Fitzgerald

Chairperson - Fraternal Committee
Peter Thompson

Chairperson - Flag Day Subcommittee
Peter Thompson

Chairperson - Elks Memorial Day Subcommittee
Peter Thompson

Chairperson - Membership Subcommittee
Peter Thompson

Chairperson - Veterans Services Subcommittee
Peter Thompson

Chairperson - PER Association
Dianne Wilhelm

Chairperson - State Major Project Subcommittee
Darlene Seachrist

Chairperson - By Laws
Dale Sayset