Shoreline, WA 1800

Shoreline, WA Lodge No. 1800


Office: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm

Social Quarters:
Lounge & Game Room: Wed-Fri 4-9pm.  

Kitchen Wed-Fri 5-8pm. 

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Invite your friends and neighbors to have fun with you at the lodge.  Then help us grow by INITIATING THEIR APPLICATION!

This is a volunteer-driven organization.  Think about what the lodge should be doing for our community and find an officer or committee member to talk about how we can actualize your vision.  Don't let your volunteerism spirit remain stagnant- get in on the action.  We try to find a way to say YES to new ideas.

We are just 10 blocks East of Interstate 5, so the North-end commuters have a place to take a break from the traffic jam on their way home.  We moved here in 2015 from Lake City.