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Lodge #1800 Home

Welcome.  We are partially open due to Covid-19. Tues, Thurs, Fri 4-9pm. Sehawks Games 1hr prior to 1 hr after. Drive Thru Dinner every other Saturday (meal 5-6:30, bar 4-9).  Drive thru meal proceeds go to various charities.

This is a volunteer-driven organization.  Think about what the lodge should be doing for our community and find an officer or committee member to talk about how we can actualize your vision.  Don't let your volunteerism spirit remain stagnant- get in on the action.  We try to never say "No".

We are just 10 blocks East of Interstate 5, so the North end commuters have a place to take a break from the traffic jam on their way home.  We reopened in 2015 after moving from Lake City.

The Lounge is open Tue, Thurs, Fri 4-9pm. Bar appetizers always available. Patio OPEN!  

The Kitchen provides professional meal service Tue & Fri 5-8pm.

Our Game Room is CLOSED by COVID Rules but normally has darts, pool, foos ball, board games and cards.

Your newsletter is now available here, click on News in the blue ribbon on the left to find it.

All official weekday meetings start at 7pm. All members are encouraged to attend by Zoom unless an essential officer.

Lodge meetings: Zoom. 1st and 3rd Tuesday.

The House Committee & Board of Directors' meetings on Zoom: 2nd & 4th Tuesday.

Keep up with the latest updates on Facebook.com/ShorelineElks.

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