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Santa Cruz Photo Gallery: Installation 2016

Grand Exalted Ruler Lawrence Violante, PER bestowing ceremonial jewels on his son, incoming Exalted Ruler Mark Violante. - April 2016

Incoming Pianist Tara Rous being escorted by Grand Esquire Jack Marden, PER during installation. - April 2016

Grand Loyal Knight Les Yeffa (PDDGER) bestowing ceremonial jewels on incoming Loyal Knight Michael Szeles. - April 2016

Incoming Exalted Ruler Mark Violante presenting flowers to incoming First Lady Karan Violante. -April 2016

Mark and Karan Violante receiving guests following the installation ceremony as Marcus Supan, newly installed Leading Knight looks on. - April 2016

Phil Duval, Treasurer, being escorted by Grand Esquire Jack Marden during installation ceremony. - April 2016


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