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Green Cove Springs Photo Gallery

Green Cove Springs Photo Gallery: Volunteers

Let’s give a big shout out to our Elk of the Month, Nancy Klopfenstein. She and her husband Gale take great care seeing that the plants outside the Lodge are healthy and happy. Much work is put into changing the plants for the appropriate seasons, and if you haven’t noticed, there’s never been a pot without a beautiful fresh plant. Nancy also serves on the House Committee and as a member of the decorating committee for the Lodge. We can all agree she does a fantastic job at all these things. She’s just another example of how an Elk Makes It Happen! Thank you, Nancy, for all you do for our lodge.

PER Ed Weston (back right) and his family assisted giving out gift bags.

Lodge Members Jennifer Parker and Kristine Watson greeting the Bosford Family

Lodge volunteers awaiting the arrival of Santa and the children.

Volunteers packing gift bags at the lodge.

Pat Buerhaus, our Kitchen Manager, is the newest Elk of the Month. She’s just another example of how important our volunteers are to all of us at the Lodge. Pat takes great pride in prepping the meals along with her helpers. She also helps plan the meals that keep us coming back for more each week, and recently tried her hand at a new special dessert that turned out deliciously well!. She places the food orders and is always willing to step up for the special events we hold. May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make Pat. The next time you see Pat around the Lodge, please thank her for all she does for us, and congratulate her for being Elk of the Month!

Just one of the Wednesday night burger team. We are so greatful for their contribution to the best burgers around.

Greg Williamson at Santa's Workshop.

PER Ed Weston at Santa's Workshop

Santa's workshop at Spring Park

Our December 2022 Elk of the Month - Delores Felkey. Delores does such a great job promoting our lodge and the 50/50 drawings. We are blessed to have her on our team.

3 of our best volunteers!

One of our great cooking teams - Eddie, David & Bonnie, led by our Kitchen Manager Pat Duerhaus.

Kelly Gipson is our November 2022 Elk of the Month. He is truly an asset to our Lodge, and those of you who know him can attest to that. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our lodge. Thank you, Kelly


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