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Elks ER Al Williams and ER elect Lynn Elrod present a $1,000 check to kitchen manager Jeannie Smith for the benefit Challange Enterprises.

Let’s give a big shout out to our Elk of the Month, Nancy Klopfenstein. She and her husband Gale take great care seeing that the plants outside the Lodge are healthy and happy. Much work is put into changing the plants for the appropriate seasons, and if you haven’t noticed, there’s never been a pot without a beautiful fresh plant. Nancy also serves on the House Committee and as a member of the decorating committee for the Lodge. We can all agree she does a fantastic job at all these things. She’s just another example of how an Elk Makes It Happen! Thank you, Nancy, for all you do for our lodge.

PER Ed Weston (back right) and his family assisted giving out gift bags.

Lodge Members Jennifer Parker and Kristine Watson greeting the Bosford Family

Lodge volunteers awaiting the arrival of Santa and the children.

Volunteers packing gift bags at the lodge.

Lodge Members and volunteers packing gift bags

Lodge Members and volunteers packing gift bags.

Delivering gift bags to the W.E. Cherry Elementary school - Assistant Principal Joshua Hogmire, PER Ed Weston, Lecturing Knight Joy Elrod, school secretary Michelle Solomon, teacher Michelle Mister, school staff member Shannon Scott, Exalter Ruler Al Williams, school resource officer Lester Booker

Our Lodge continues to reach out into the local community. On January 10, a $1,000 check from the PER Charity Bingo was presented to Seamark Ranch. Seamark Ranch, a working farm located in Green Cove Springs, provides schooling and counseling in a family home settings to children in the foster care system or in crisis situations. They have provided support to over 100 children since opening their doors to children in need. PER Chair Ed Weston; PDD Paul Orvosh, Lodge Treasurer ; Brittany McGraw, Seamark Ranch Events Manager; Exalted Ruler Al Williams

On December 28, our Lodge used a portion of the Beacon Grant to sponsor a Frozen Winter Carnival at the Green Cove Springs Library. The event, geared towards children under the age of 6, featured crafts, games, ice cream, face painters, and story time with Elsa and Olaf. Thanks to our many volunteers, the event was a great success, attended by 165 children and 135 family members. Each of the 165 children in attendance was gifted with a book of their own to keep.

New Year's Eve 2022

New Year's Eve 2022

New Year's Eve 2022


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