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Two programs at the VA Medical Center at Martinsburg. One is the Christmas Gift Shop-Veterans and the other is the Veterans Food Bank. The money went to both programs; $500 to the Christmas Gift Shop and $500 to the Veterans Food Bank, a separate check for each was made payable to Martinsburg VAVS. Checks were presented to Seann Lindsdrom of the VA Clinic in Cumberland and hand delivered to the VA in Martinsburg by Brenda Francis. Present were Jim Meyers, Joe Davis, Bill DeVore and Rob Rephan of Frostburg Elks 470. Commander Wesley Harper and Rebecca Brown-McCaster were present from the Frostburg American Legion.

Frostburg Food Pantry Donation Rob Rephan Bill DeVore Joe Keating Joe Davis

Frostburg Food Pantry Donation Delivery by Joe Davis and Joe Keating

2023 Derby Day Winner Maddie Ditto

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