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2018-2019 Officers Brattleboro, VT #1499

2017-2018 Officers Brattleboro, VT #1499

ER Barb Wallace stated "I’m so proud of our Brattleboro Lodge #1499 for competing in the 2023 Vermont State Ritual Championship! 2nd place, you all did a fantastic job!! Thank you for supporting our lodge! We definitely showed how we stand together!!!"

#1499 Guest Entrance & Flag Pole

1499 downstairs bar.

#1499 - Entrances from Parking Lot

Come and sit outside on our deck with a beverage and enjoy the company of good friends!


Lovely gardens surround the Elks #1499 Mansion

Bob and Bob: Bob Menck on the left, bartender. Bob Houle on the right, Steward 2002-2012


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