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The Elks National Foundation

THE ELKS NATIONAL FOUNDATION (Excerpts taken from the March, 1999, Elks Magazine)

As the charitable trust of the BPOE, the Elks National Foundation has gone to great lengths to provide the financial resources that allow the Elks to do their work with the nation’s young. Much of the $13.2 million appropriated by the Foundation in 1998-99 went to support youth programs and scholarships. Programs such as "The Most Valuable Student" scholarships, the Legacy Award, Boy Scouts Eagle Scout award, Girl Scouts Gold scholarships, and the Emergency Educational Grants, do more than just provide educations for students who might not otherwise be able to afford college. The Foundation "is not just giving money away" according to Foundation Executive Director Jim O’Kelley. "It tries to build a better future [for students] by providing a foundation of character. "Many of the scholarship recipients have gone on to bigger things" O’Kelley says.

Scholarships aren’t the only way in which the Elks National Foundation helps out with the young. Annually the Foundation provides millions of dollars in grants to state associations which use the moneys for their own scholarship programs but also for States Major Projects (Like Camp Grassick), many of which provide for child welfare and assistance. Additionally, the Foundation helps fund the Elks "Hoop Shoot" National Free Throw Contest, the largest coeducational sports program in the country and provides for the Elks Drug Awareness Program.

Contact the office today and ask how you can give contributions to the Elks National Foundation.