Lusk, WY Lodge News

District No. 9740

ER Kant Thanks Volunteers

Exalted Ruler Steve Kant thanks all of the volunteers who have made this year a success at Lusk Elks Lodge.

It has been a great year and please show incoming ER Pat Russell that same enthusiasm and I am certain we will have another great year.

I would especially like to thank Elk of the Year Rod Jones and Officer of the Year Jessie Walduck. We had a great group of officers and we got the job done!

We made our goals for ENF, W.E.S.T. and Membership and that is an accomplishment all by itself. The Club had a great year thanks to Club Manager Theresa Modine and the House Committee and all the volunteer bartenders.

Again, thank you to all of you for the great year.


Steve Kant, ER

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