District No. 9740

Lusk B.P.O. Does Drove #64

Lusk B.P.O. Does Drove #64. Meetings 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM,  except during June, July and August.  Drove President Amanda Dawson,  PO Box 663,  Lusk, WY  82225 (308) 641-0799.   First Counselor Terrilou Nelson,  Senior Counselor Gayle Johnson,  Junior Counselor Merri Keller,  Secretary Julie Tollman,  Treasurer Marylou Larson,  Conductor Sheila Tangney,  Assistant Conductor Dena Retzlaff,  Chaplain Barb Crofutt,  Outer Guard Traci Dockery,  Inner Guard Val Wasserburger,  Flag Bearers Dena Retzlaff, Bernice Lowe, Robyn Jefcoat, Rhonda Tollman-Blaney,  Attendants  Cindy Starkey, Jessica Stallman,  Arlene Zerbst-Rapp,  Musician Ardis Meier

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