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Protect our Flag


As an American, Elk and Veteran I find it astonishing that it is necessary for us to ask the Congress of the United States to pass a constitutional amendment giving us the right to protect our flag.

Yes, it is currently legal in America to desecrate the American Flag. The symbol of freedom not only in America, but throughout the world. How sad it must be for the Members of our Military serving, being wounded and dying under this glorious banner to see someone at home in America burning our Flag.

The CFA Citizens Flag Alliance (http://www.legion.org/cfa/)was incorporated in June of 1994 with the sole purpose of seeing a Flag Amendment passed to protect our Flag. Since the CFA was formed, more than 140 organizations including the B.P.O.E. have joined them with the single purpose of protecting our Flag.

The last time Congress voted on this amendment it failed by only one vote. Please call, write and be polite and explain to your Congressmen and Senators your feelings for our Flag and ask for their support in passing this most important Amendment.

Please pray each day for our Troops and that God continues to bless this Great Nation called America.

James A. “Jim” Coggins, PSP-PGESQ
Area 3 Member GL Americanism Committee
District Advisor NWD FSEA

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