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Elk of the Month - October 2023

October is the month of tricks, but it certainly is a treat to have Julie Carchia as a member of the 1989 and we are thrilled to recognize her as our Elk of the Month. Julie is involved in most activities and events that happen at the Lodge, jumping in to help plan, set-up, and support. She can often times be counted on to help with bartending, serving, cooking, and various other tasks. Julie has been an active participant on the Hoop Shoot, Christmas Baskets, Activities, Sports, and Inaugural Ball Committees, to name just a few. For numerous years, Julie has Chaired the Birthday Bash Committee for the Women and Children's Shelter and the highly successful summer fundraiser for that program. Julie is a proud Elk and loves what Elkdom is about. Thank you, Julie, for all of your efforts and contributions to support our members and make our Lodge shine.