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Elk of the Month - July 2023

In this month of patriotism and celebration, we acknowledge one heck of a firecracker as our Elk of the Month! Bobbi Seaborg always seems to have the winning touch when she rolls the dice and has been quite the as-set to our Lodge. She is a member of the Events and New Year's Eve Committees helping bring success and revenue to our Lodge. She participates in the Women and Children's Shelter events, Christmas Baskets, the Hospitality Room hosting at the OSEA Summer Convention, among numerous others. She worked with Michele Smith to secure a grant to offer coats and boots to our local Vets, a project in conjunction with the great work she did with Fort Kennedy. She, along with Heather Dorris, brought a monthly Bunco tournament to our Lodge with much success. Without being asked, and out of the goodness of their hearts, she and her husband Ross recently cleaned up some overgrown bushes at the en-trance of our Lodge driveway to make for a more inviting, visible entry. Bobbi is always willing and ready to give of her time, experience, and creativity to make our Lodge events, fundraisers, and services more successful! Thank you Bobbi, for all you do to make our Lodge a winner!