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Lecturing Knight's February Message

Greetings my Brothers & Sisters, we have kicked off 2022 very cautiously due to the virus that is still attacking some of our members and their families. We are determined to make this year one of our most successful years at Lancaster Elks Lodge #1625. February is a very important month because of the nominations and elections of the new Corps of Officers. The members will follow up with their votes to confirm each chair. We have several openings for Officers, so please step forward and volunteer to fill the positions that are needed. There are plenty of members, as well as the outgoing Officers, that are willing to guide you with the requirements of each station.

Valentine’s Day is the day that is observed as the day of Love and Friendship for that very special person in your life or just embrace the celebration of the new year. We are having a party for this very special day, which is not just for couples, it is for EVERYONE to enjoy dinner & dancing. So, mark your calendar for Saturday February 12th, put your dancing shoes on and enjoy the evening with friends.

I post the calendar for the Lancaster Elks Lodge #1625 Facebook page every month along with the fliers that explain in detail the happenings of each event. We also have fliers in the Foyer posted for all to see. Join us and make each event fun and memorable just like the Good Old Days before we experienced an unforeseen set back.

Until next month, be safe and stay well.

Marcy Simily
Esteemed Lecturing Knight