Lancaster, CA 1625

Ode to a Valiant Elk

Oh worthy Elk, you're held with great esteem. Steadfast you have served, together as a team. Supportive to the cause, of goodwill to all mankind. Embracing children's needs bringing hope to every kind. Countless days and hours shared througout the years. Times of joy and inspiration as well as heartfelt tears. These are among the many assets this order has truly shared. With optimism they forge ahead, because they they really care. Respectfully we give allegience to those who now are gone. Instrumental they have been, to making our great Lodge strong. Each part of this foundation in their own special way. We give everlasting remembrance on this most sacred day. May the soles of our departed radiate within us all. Until the day shall come, when we answer our Lord's call. This verse was authored by Andrea Ward, wife of a Lodge Member Larry Ward, presented to the wives and members on December 5, 2004 at the Annual Elks Memorial Service. Thank You Andrea.