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Elk of the Month - October 2021

As we head into the the wonderful fall football month of October, it seems fitting that we acknowledge a diehard Duck fan as our Elk of the Month! Mike Fuller is a newer member of the Elks, but certainly made an impact with his contributions in that time. Mike has lent tremendous help and time in the conversion of the shower room to a laundry room, he has on the committee for the Birthday Bash fundraiser and was pivotal in making that such a success. He has also been instramental in the cleaning and organizing of the upstairs storage area.  Additionally, Mike has lent his help to many Elk members  with their personal home improvement projects.  Mike is always willing to offer his support. Thank you, Mike, for all you do to make the 1989 better and for getting involved! You truy embody what the Elks are about. Go Ducks!