Lancaster, CA 1625

Lancaster, CA Lodge News



February 2014, Lois Riffle;  March 2014, Jerry Mundell.

April 2014, Vern Gross;  May, Jerry Gilmore;  June, Clifford Rhym;  July, John Gregg;  August, Gerald Willis;  September, Brent Shively;  October, Monty Meeks;  November, Bobby Brinks PER;  December, Frank Saudie;  January, 2015 Lynn Beecroft;  February, Nadine Johnson;  March 2015, Bob Johnson.

April 2015, Darrin Combs;  May, Steve Crowell;  June, No EOM;  July, Don Vela;  August, Sue Juday;  September, No EOM;  October, Carol Idleman;  November, Phil Oaks;  December, Sherry Harris;  January 2016, Steve Harris;  February, Ilona Keleman;  March 2016, KJ Miller.

April 2016, Debbie Driver;  May, Wayne Cunningham;  June, Jul, Aug, No EOM;  September, Bob Hancock PER;  October, Eric Alfonzo;  November, Darin Combs;  December, Sherry Harris,  January 2017,  No EOM;  February, Sid Simily;  March, Linda Smith. 

April 2017, Kathy Dubiel;  May, Phil Oaks;  June, No EOM;  July, No EOM;  August, Miguel Torres;  September,  No EOM;  October, Art Hiley;  November 2017, Barney Williamson;  December, 2017, Wanda Olson;  January, 2018, Nick Calajero;  February 2018;  KJ Miller;  March 2018 Marvin Smith PER

April 2018,  No EOM;  May, No EOM;  June Sandy Owen;  July, No EOM;  August, Clifford Rhym; September & October, No EOM;  November, David Supin;  December, Bob Johnson;  January 2019  Monty F. Meeks;  February, no EOM;  March, Ivan Mihaljevich 

April 2019, No EOM; May, Paul McClain; June, Liz Yates;  July,  No EOM; August, Sandy Owen; September, No EOM; October, No EOM; November,  No EOM; December  2019 Nathaniel "Nate" Cross;   January 2020. No EOM; February 2020, No EOM; March 2020, Debbie Driver.

April 2020, to March 2021, None selected during this Pandemic period.

April 2021 No EOM;  May 2021, No EOM;  Monty F. MeeksJune, Debbie Driver;  JulyBee Wright;  August, Josie Gray;   September, Nancy Jo  Hatfield;  October,  November,  December,